Wolfson Open Source

AudioPlus Linux 2.6 drivers


This project adds Linux 2.6 support for Wolfson AudioPlus devices. These drivers interface with many different kernel subsystems and are being merged into the standard Linux kernel as they become available.


  • Support for voltage regulator control and configuration.
  • Full ALSA audio support for playback and capture.
  • Support for RTC, Watchdog, GPIO, LEDs, LCD Backlight and battery charging.
  • CPUFREQ with Dynamic CPU voltage scaling supported.

Source Code

The AudioPlus Linux source code is currently available in two different development source trees managed with Git.

The main AudioPlus development git repository is hosted here. This repository is based upon the kernel.org Linux tree. Notifications of changes to this repository are mailed to the audioplus-commits mailing list. This repository contains drivers for the WM831x, WM835x and WM8400 PMICs.

Git is also available on Windows running under Cygwin.


The main AudioPlus git repository can be cloned (copied to your local machine) as follows :-
git clone git://opensource.wolfsonmicro.com/linux-2.6-audioplus linux-2.6-audioplus

Development is carried out in the dev branch and this can be checked out as follows:-

git checkout dev

Updates can be pulled when required by

git pull git://opensource.wolfsonmicro.com/linux-2.6-audioplus dev


The AudioPlus Linux drivers are also available in patch format here.


AudioPlus Linux documentation is here.


The Linux AudioPlus drivers are open source software and released under the GNU GPL License.

Copyright Wolfson Microelectronics 2006-8