Wolfson Open Source

Using git with the Wolfson Open Source server

The open source projects from Wolfson are managed using the git revision control system. A public git server is provided and is the recommended way of accessing the software released here, though other methods are also supported. While git is normally used on Unix systems there is a version of it available for Windows as part of the Cygwin suite and a native Windows version called msysGit.

For users unfamiliar with git we provide a brief tutorial.

What and where

A current list of repositories can be viewed using gitweb and can be accessed via either the native git protocol as git://opensource.wolfsonmicro.com/PROJECT or HTTP as http://opensource.wolfsonmicro.com/PROJECT where PROJECT is the name of the repository. For example, git can access the ASoC repository using either of these URLs:


Where possible we recommend the use of the native git protocol since it is very much quicker and more efficient than HTTP. HTTP is mainly intended for use where firewalls prevent the use of the git:// protocol.

Web interface

All the projects can be browsed using gitweb at:


Standard branches

Our git repositories have two standard branches:

  • dev - the main line of supported development, containing new drivers and enhancements not yet merged with the main kernel.
  • master - an unmodified copy of Linus' kernel tree

If in doubt the dev branch should be used.

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