Wolfson Open Source

Wolfson updates in 2.6.28

Version 2.6.28 of the Linux kernel was released on Christmas day. This version contains a number of updates to Wolfson drivers, including:

  • WM8900 CODEC driver
  • WM8580 CODEC driver
  • WM8903 CODEC driver
  • SPI support for for a number of CODEC drivers, including WM8750 and WM8753
  • Core and regulator support for the WM8350 and WM8400 AudioPlus devices. This is initial support for these devices, due to the wide range of subsystems used by them the merge of these drivers will be completed in subsequent kernel versions. Until then then the full set of drivers can be obtained from this web site as they have been up until now.

There have also been a number of ASoC updates, including:

  • Support for Blackfin CPUs
  • Updates for the OMAP CPU support, including multilink support.
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