Wolfson Open Source

Support for WM8998 HD Audio Hub now available

The drivers for Wolfson's Arizona class codecs now include support for the WM8998 HD Audio Hub.

git://opensource.wolfsonmicro.com/linux-2.6-asoc (preferred)
http://opensource.wolfsonmicro.com/linux-2.6-asoc (for use with restricted firewalls)
http://opensource.wolfsonmicro.com/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi (gitweb browser)

In these branches:

v3.4-arizona - Drivers based on kernel v3.4
v3.10-arizona - Drivers based on kernel v3.10

A list of the WM8998 features supported by the drivers can be found in the source tree under Documentation/sound/alsa/soc/wolfson-arizona.txt.

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