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Linux drivers for Wolfson devices

Wolfson provides Linux drivers for a wide range of its products in Linux and works to include these drivers in the standard Linux kernel in order to reduce integration and maintenance costs for users. These drivers use the standard Linux subsystems for the functionality provided by the Wolfson devices, where no standard framework exists Wolfson has contributed frameworks to the kernel. Since standard APIs are used these drivers will work with any processor with Linux support.

The latest versions of our drivers are available from this web site, please see below for details.

Audio CODECs

The audio functionality of our devices is supported by the ASoC framework within ALSA. Updates and drivers not yet merged into the standard Linux kernel are available from our ASoC repository.

AudioPlus PMICs

Our AudioPlus Power Management ICs support a wide range of functionality, crossing a range of kernel subsystems. All updates for this support are available from our AudioPlus repository.


The audio features of our AC97 devices are supported within both ASoC and the general Linux AC97 interface. Additional features, including touchscreen controllers and battery monitoring, are provided from our touchscreen repository.

Supported devices

This table lists currently supported devices. Where drivers have been merged into to the standard kernel the earliest version where the driver appears is also listed. Some additional devices such as ADC or DAC only variants may also be supportable using these drivers.

Product Subsystem In kernel.org from Notes
WM0010 DSP 3.7
WM1811 Audio 3.2 Register compatible with WM8994, supported by same driver
WM2000 Audio 2.6.34
WM2200 Audio 3.4
WM5100 Audio 3.2
WM5102 Audio 3.6 Uses the shared Arizona device support
WM5110 Audio 3.6 Uses the shared Arizona device support
Backlight 2.6.32
GPIO 2.6.32
hwmon 2.6.32 lm-sensors based monitoring
LED 2.6.32
ON key 2.6.32
Power 2.6.32 Power path management and monitoring
Regulator 2.6.32
RTC 2.6.32
Touchscreen 2.6.39
Watchdog 2.6.32
WM8320 2.6.33 Functionality drivers shared with WM831x
WM8321 2.6.36 Functionality drivers shared with WM831x
WM8325 2.6.37 Functionality drivers shared with WM831x
WM8326 Functionality drivers shared with WM831x
Audio 2.6.29
GPIO 2.6.34
hwmon 2.6.32 lm-sensors based monitoring
LED 2.6.29
Power 2.6.29 Power path management and monitoring
Regulator 2.6.28
RTC 2.6.28
Watchdog 2.6.29
Audio 2.6.30
Regulator 2.6.28
WM8510 Audio 2.6.27
WM8523 Audio 2.6.32
WM8580 Audio 2.6.28
WM8711 Audio 2.6.33
WM8727 Audio 2.6.33
WM8728 Audio 2.6.29
WM8731 Audio 2.6.21
WM8737 Audio 2.6.38
WM8741 Audio 2.6.36
WM8750 Audio 2.6.21
WM8753 Audio 2.6.22
WM8770 Audio 2.6.38
WM8772 Audio
WM8775 Audio 3.4 Software compatible with WM8776, explicit support was added in version 3.4 but any version of the WM8776 driver can control this part
WM8776 Audio 2.6.32
WM8804 Audio 2.6.37
WM8900 Audio 2.6.28
WM8903 Audio 2.6.28
WM8904 Audio 2.6.34
WM8912 Audio 2.6.34 Register compatible with WM8904, driver is in wm8904.c with 8912-specific updates
WM8918 Audio
WM8940 Audio 2.6.31
WM8950 Audio
WM8951 Audio
WM8955 Audio 2.6.34
WM8956 Audio
WM8958 Audio 2.6.38
WM8960 Audio 2.6.31
WM8961 Audio 2.6.32
WM8962 Audio 2.6.37
WM8971 Audio 2.6.28
WM8974 Audio 2.6.32
WM8976 Audio
WM8978 Audio 2.6.34
WM8980 Audio
WM8983 Audio 3.1
WM8985 Audio 2.6.37
WM8987 Audio 2.6.36 Driver shared with WM8750
WM8988 Audio 2.6.31
WM8990 Audio 2.6.27
WM8991 Audio 2.6.39
WM8993 Audio 2.6.32
WM8994 Audio 2.6.34
WM8995 Audio 2.6.38
WM8996 Audio 3.0
WM9081 Audio 2.6.31
WM9090 Audio 2.6.35
WM9093 Audio 3.2 Supported in WM9090 driver
Audio 2.6.30
Touchscreen 2.6.26
WM9711 Audio 2.6.21
Audio 2.6.21
Power 2.6.28 Battery monitoring
Touchscreen 2.6.26
Audio 2.6.26
Power 2.6.28 Battery monitoring
Touchscreen 2.6.26
WM9714 Audio 2.6.26
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