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Initial release of ALSA scenario library

I've now released the first version (v0.1) of the ALSA scenario (or use case) manager. It's currently a stand alone library and can either be linked against alsa-lib or salsa. This library is designed to provide userspace applications (e.g. Pulse Audio) with a generic API to change the audio hardware scenario or use case.

Features :-

  • Scenario get() and set()
  • Mixer alias (i.e. what is the correct volume control for scenario x)
  • Scenario dump

WM8580 driver released

A Linux driver supporting the core functionality of the WM8580 audio CODEC has been released in the ASoC repository.

ASoC Linux 2.6.25

Linux version 2.6.25 integrates a number of updates to the ALSA System on Chip subsystem. Among the changes integrated are:

PXA3xx AC97 support in ASoC v1

Linux support for the AC97 controller provided by the Marvel PXA3xx SoC processors has now been added to version 1 of the ASoC drivers and also to the non-ASoC PXA AC97 driver. Updated versions of these drivers are available from the dev branch ASoC git tree and the changes are intended for merge into Linux 2.6.26.

WM8900 driver released

An ASoC-based Linux driver for the WM8900 CODEC with Class G Headphone Driver is now available from the ALSA System on a Chip repository. Features supported by this driver include:

  • Full analogue and digital path support
  • DAPM integration for minimal power consumption
  • Automatic FLL configuration from the full range of supported input frequencies
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